Capri guided tour

Although Capri should be a destination for any visitor to Italy, the isle is particularly well-suited for student tour groups interested in a variety of experiences.
Capri is one of the best one-day excursions for student tour groups. Spectacular views, affordable dining, shopping, and history make Capri a destination well worth including.
In almost every case, local guides will escort student groups through Capri, meeting them at the port.
Arriving in Capri early allows visitors to experience as much of the island as possible. Visitors can take the funicular railway to the Piazzetta to begin a walking tour of Capri or use minibuses that will take visitors to the chair lifts that take visitors to the summit of Mount Solaro.
A one-day visit to Capri usually can accommodate both a visit to the summit and a brief cruise along the island with the world famous Blue Grotto.
The Piazzetta is the chief focal point of Capri, surrounded by a number of restaurants to fit any budget. It should be noted, however, that restaurants facing the marina below tend to be more moderately priced than those in Capri itself. The walking tour begins at the Piazzetta, which is also the meeting point at the end of the tour.
Back at the Marina you will return to the mainland.

All our excursion rates INCLUDE tax, transportation services, and guided tours with Licensed Professional Guides. An Official Certified Tourist Guide is a professional with a license (compulsory for the Italian law) allowed to take people inside museums, archeological sites, churches and any other place of historical interest giving specific detailed information.

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Please, note that there will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by e-mail within at least 7 days before the date of requested service. If is not done in these terms, our company reserves the right to debit the total amount of requested services.

Capri guided tour

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