Anacapri and Monte Solaro

This excursion is relatively short and is challenging only in the central section.
Departure from Anacapri in the place called Caprile;
You will take the path just above the bus station; it is mostly straight and level. You'll get to Via La Guardia where you are in sight of the homonymous watchtower (204m) and of a yellowish building  with a crenelated roof. The trail that will lead you to Monte Solaro passing the Belvedere della Mìgliera e Monte Cocuzzo starts at the side of this house.
The first part of this section of the hike winds up between the edge of a pinewood and the bushes of the garigue that covers the rim of the sheer limestone cliffs that characterize the southern coast of the island of Capri. The path is always at some distance from the drop and consequently is not dangerous at all.
From the Belvedere della Mìgliera (290m) you can walk back to Anacapri along the mainly level paved street (Via Mìgliera); For a while you'll go gently up till you reach a short level stretch just above the Grotte del Pisco; from there the real climb to Monte Cocuzzo begins, the central part is really very steep.
When you reach the ridge (496m) the worst is over; keep going towards Monte Solaro with some gentle ups, a couple of steeper ones and a long level stretch between Cocuzzo (547m) and the old skeet structure (abandoned).
After a deserved pause on top of the highest peak (587m) of the island of Capri start going down following again the red dots towards Cetrella and Anacapri. After about 400m you'll get to the crossroads of Crocetta (475m): from therer you have two options,: aither you go down to Anacapri following the old muletrack or you go to the Eremo di Cetrella (500m go and back).

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Anacapri and Monte Solaro

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