About Tourist Guides

There are many good reasons why should you rely on a Certified Tour Guide:


  1. Only a Certified Professional Guide is allowed by law to give guided tours: an official tour guide in Italy must speak fluently at least two foreign languages, and to obtain the qualification must pass an official public examination, under the supervision of the local Tourist Board Authorities.
  2. With a Licensed Tourist Guide you can be sure you won't miss the best places of interest as well as the lesser known, off the beaten tracks sights, getting the real sense of the significance, history and meaning behind what you see.
  3. Only Certified guides are permitted to guide you inside any place of Historic or Artistic importance, avoiding queues and time wasting.
  4. The expertise of a Tourist Guide will make possible to customize your tour which will be tailored to your own interest: History and Art, shopping, local cuisine, exploring around, or even sporting. A Certified Guide must always wear a badge issued by the local Tourist Board of the Campania Region.
  5. We have an intimate knowledge of the area.You will see and do all that you expect and more, we will try to convey our passion for the place where we are born, and our way of life in order to make your tour a unique and intimate experience.
  6. We have heard many times the word “driver-guide”, what does it really means ? Ask them if they are licensed to conduct guided tour inside museums, or if they simply prefer to use this title to seems more professional, informative, and ask you more money for the same services that we can offer.
We provide you with a local expert tour guide who will introduce you to the hidden charms of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento Peninsula,  Amalfi Coastline, enabling you to experience the corners bypassed by the average traveller, to see and to enter in the local way of life, to meet its people and experience its traditions, he cen be the key to the success of your private tours to Naples, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and any other place you decide to visit.

Whatever your interests, we can help you to make them in a way that's more exclusive, convenient and affordable than you would imagine.

Our service is professional, but friendly and informal, with an Italian sense of style!

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