Baia Tours

We provide private guided tours and shore excursion for individuals or groups in the most popular places of the Neapolitan and Salerno Riviera. With a Tourist Guide you can :

° maximize memorable experiences and minimize wasted time
° discover a place with a person born and grown there
° skip the lines to enter museums and archeological sites
° enjoy a relaxing and informative tour
° customize an itinerary to suit your particular interest
° save money avoiding tourist traps

At Caesar's time it stretched from Punta Epitaffio to the Castle, in a magic area full with villas, thermal baths, temples, pools, colonnades, domes and gardens just like in a dream; as a scenery there was the green of myrtles and vineyards, the yellow of the surrounding pozzolana hills. Along the streets or up the hills they raised thermal buildings, patrician palaces, marble staircases, perfect arches, statues made by great artists.
Often the rich, for want of space, built also over the sea, so that Baia – during the apogee of the Empire – was transformed in a wonderful spectacle of buildings and people which exactly reflected the Roman opulence.
But in its underwater casket Baia still keeps its beautiful treasures, though scratched by the offences of time, though bitten by sea parasites when they didn’t find a shelter under the sand.
… Factories, shops of artists and craftsmen, huge statues of precious marble or busts of delicate bronze, piers of the Portus Julius, thermal springs still active under the sea, trunks of columns, embroidered capitals, Pan’s pipes, vases, amphorae, coins, jewels… Everything is just like the dream of an Atlantis that is no more a legend but built in stone and marble, and that waits for an impossible resurrection, like a phoenix, perhaps from the magic wand of an American multi-millionaire, or thanks to the initiative of the Unesco countries, which moved to save the Egyptian temples in Abu Simbel. Maybe it would be enough to dam just one area of the submerged Baia, perhaps before Punta Epitaffio. It could be made by German and Dutch experts, that in their battles steal more and more space to the sea, though our technicians are very good at works of huge barrages (as all the world acknowledges).


Meeting point and pick-up at the cruise terminal / hotel with driver and with licensed tour guide...
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