The Padula Charterhouse was founded in 1306 by Tommaso Sanseverino, Count of Marsico and owner of Vallo di Diano. It was initially conceived as linked to the people's religious organization, the "Certosini", a monastic order founded by Saint Brunone whose home is now in Grenoble, France.
This Padula Charterhouse is so unique and different from any other because of its wide and numerous rooms; just mentioning some numbers gives us an idea of the actual space. The gardens, market yard and monastery cover over 250.000 square meters.
The Charterhouse San Lorenzo of Padula Monastery extends on 52.000 square meters, 30.000 of which are indoor. There are 320 rooms, while halls and galleries expand for 2500 meters, porches are built on 300 columns in Padula Stone. There are 500 doors, 550 windows, 13 yards, 100 chimneys, 52 stars and 41 fountains.
All these numbers prove the San Lorenzo Charterhouse, known as Padula Certosa is actually Europe's biggest; we can therefore easily deduct that it consists of a complex of many buildings which were added and piled up through the centuries up to the clear baroque marks we can see today. The one-aisle gothic church is exceptionally gorgeous, with cross vaults and groin arches. The floors are majolicated and go back to the XVIII century; the Chorus of Fathers is extremely prestigious, entirely notched and carved.
A glorious wide staircase connects two levels of the big cloister, while the staircase in Padula Charterhouse develops in two elliptical ramps offering visitors a striking scenic effect.

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