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Pietrelcina, is about 300 meters on the Sea level. It's an agreeable and pleasant little town near Benevento (about 50 miles from Naples), and is  built on a Plain surrounded by a scenery formed of low hills and designed by little rivers which go dawn slowly toward Tammaro Valley. The country is wavy mildly, and variegated with lands cultivated (Wheat, tobacco, artichokes), and rich of mediterranean trees . The heart of Pietrelcina is placed on a little hill of calcareous rock, and it's called: “La Morgia”. It's the quarter “Castello”, the old center of Pietrelcina. This is the place which listened the wailings of Francesco Forgione (the future Padre Pio).
This is the place that saw the little Francesco Forgione to grow up and  run for the little courts and lanes. “He had the first air, the first breath and the first milk, at Pietrelcina”. It's  happens like our Lord Jesus: “You are Blissful, o Betlem, because you saw to be born Jesus Christ”. Why Betlem must be blissful? Because, Jesus had the first air there.
Why Pietrelcina must be blissful? Because “Padre Pio”, this man which  will be, a day, a Saint of the Christianity, breathed the first air, the first oxygen, the first nitrogen, the first milk, the first smile, the first light, the first song of birds, here at Pietrelcina. His feet touched this land as a first land. His little hands picked up these little stones as a first ones. His eyes look at these images as the first ones. Yes, Pietrelcina. You are a Saint town”.

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Father Pio from Pietrelcina tour

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