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If you love archaeology, this tour is a must. You are going to visit the most famous archelogical sites of the Bay of Naples.We come to pick you up at the hotel / pier by private car or minivan with Chauffeur. You'll drive at the foot of the Vesuvian plain to Pompeii where you'll meet our licensed guide.
Thousands of books have been written about Pompeii. The guided walking tour lasts about 2 hours and allows seeing in detail the western part of the ancient town where the most important public buildings homes and shops are located. It was a large town with a varied history of foreign influences - such as the practice of Egyptian religious rites and the use of Greek architecture. It held administrative control over the neighboring suburbs, and was a centre for trade in textiles, bread, wine, and olive oil. 
When Vesuvius erupted, much of Pompeii was still recovering from the great earthquake of 62 A.D., and evidence of massive reconstruction efforts were found during modern excavations.
Herculaneum is less popular than Pompeii, but very interesting too. Just nine miles north of Pompeii lay the seaside resort of Herculaneum with nearly 5,000 residents. Some of Rome's wealthiest citizens had homes here, where they could relax in the public baths overlooking the ocean. 
A wonderful walk, lasting 2 hours, through the ancient city of Herculaneum, visiting the Temple of the Augustali, the beach where more then 300 skeletons were found, the thermal baths, the forum, the house of Neptune and Amphitrite, the Samnite house, the gymnasium, the house of the Dears and much more.
Between Pompeii and Herculaneum is Oplontis, about three miles from Pompeii, at the site of the present day town of Torre Annunziata.Oplontis is a pearl of the archaeology in the Bay of Naples. Systematic excavations at Oplontis between 1964 and 1984 unearthed several important villas. Inside one of these, excavators found piles of jars called amphorae, which were known to hold goods such as wine, oil, and other agricultural products. The tour at Oplontis, lasting 1 hour, includes a visit at the extraordinary Imperial Villa of Poppea. We'll see the perfectly preserved courtyard, the thermal area, the kitchen, the toilets, the servants area, the saloons showing amazing frescos, because of the presence of the amphorae, the building was thought to be a sort of business center where these goods were manufactured, processed, and sold.
Ater the visit return back to the hotel / pier.

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Guided tours from Naples, guided tours from Salerno, guided tours from Sorrento, guided tours from Amalfi Coast, guided tours from Positano

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Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis

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