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Mt. Vesuvius is the only active volcano in continental Europe, the most populated (20 municipalities with a total of 400,000 residents) and is also the most extensively studied volcano on Earth. 
The current shape of the volcano is the result of the continual alternation between "explosive" type eruptions, which have produced pyroclastic deposits, and "effusive" type ones, which instead have produced lava; the resulting volcanic structure is defined as volcanic stratum.
The earliest eruptions, which took place between 25,000 and 17,000 years ago, partly destroyed the most ancient volcano, Mt. Somma, within which the Gran Cono of Mt. Vesuvius later formed. The two structures as a whole are known as the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex and are a typical example of a fence layer volcano.
The highest point of Mt. Vesuvius reaches 1,282 metres above sea level. The current crater has a diameter of 650 metres and a depth of 230 metres. At the base of the crater there are a number of eruptive openings which discharged many of the streams of lava from 1631 up until 1944, the year of the last eruption.
Meet the volcanological guide at the bus parking place by the the ticket office, you'll begin your trek on foot over narrow paths that zigzag up to the mountain another,2.000 feet. Once on the rim of the crater walls, you will skirt the edge with an official alpine guide while enjoying the panoramic views that includes Naples and its bay.
There is no better and more exciting—way to discover Vesuvius than to explore its actual crater. This tour is as unique as unbelievable, it involves a fair amount of uphill climbing, as well as walking on stone and ash.
It is necessary to wear comfortable shoes and a wind jacket! Vesuvius is the most famous and dangerous volcano of the world. 
Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 A.D. didn’t just bury Pompeii—it changed the course of the Sarno River and altered the coastline, it also changed the human history.
And it’s not getting any less powerful. Vesuvius has blown about twenty times since then, including, most recently, a 1944 eruption that destroyed aircrafts on a nearby air force base.
For this walk, you need an expert Vesuvius volcanological guide.
On your walk, you’ll enjoy an exclusive access up to the highest point… and down into the actual crater (people may not access these areas on their own if they have not pre-booked a private tour with an official alpine-volcanological Guide ).
An enormous hole caused by past eruptions, the crater’s more than 2,000 feet across.
You’ll also be able to trace the lava flows from 79 A.D. and smell the fumes that let us know that he’s still active!
You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the Bay of Naples from a vantage point almost nobody else gets to access.
Take incredible pictures. After the next eruption, it will be all different...again !


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