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In the area of the Phlegrean Fields, the visitor has but to choose from a wide variety, from nature excursions to both land and sea archeology to architectural-religious-gastronomic itineraries and walking guided tours.
It is a fascinating tour, an amazing experience here where, according to mythology, Hercules and the gods defeated the Titans who were eager to seize Olympus. It is also here that emperors and Roman patricians raised their splendid villas, dedicating them to pure leisure. This is a suggestive volcanic area made mysterious by brimstone haze and noxious fumes.
"This land in never-ending movement is rich in thermal springs, vapor jets, small lakes given to eruption, archeological ruins, breath-taking sights of sparkling sea-side resorts and luxuriant hills fertilized by ancient flows of monstrous craters and tamed today by erosion of wind and water."
Furthermore, it is here that the fascinating cult of the Ancient world was born, even before Pompeii or Herculaneum were uncovered, thanks to woodcuts that as early as the 1500's immortalized landscape that was later part of descriptions of the Grand Tour, becoming then the subject of paintings in the 1700's.
For a bird's eye view, however, the ideal point is the Camaldoli Hermitage, which offers a breath-taking view of the gulfs of Pozzuoli and Baia, with the nearby islands of Procida and Ischia.
Many are the places of interest, The archeological parks of Cuma and Baia, the temple of Serapis and the roman Anphiteatre in Pozzuoli, the volcano Solfatara.

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