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On our two hours guided tour of Pompeii we will try to bring the entire city back to life, describing the culture of the time, the role of the family, the relationships between generations, the conditions of women, marriage, the role of the slaves, the clothing of the different social classes; the politics and government of the city, the methods of electoral propaganda; the production of bread, trade and commerce, clothes dyeing, the religious life with its various temples, cultures, beliefs and superstitions, funeral rites; the typology of the Roman houses, the various rooms, how they uses them, the heating of certain halls, the evolution of the different styles of frescoes and mosaics; the meals, the food, the famous ancient garum sauce; the gardens, the aqueducts, the public and private lighting system, latrines, public amusement, the amphitheater fights between supporters of different gladiator teams, life in the thermal baths, the taverns and the gambling; the brothels where both men and women prostituted themselves and which were widespread in many of the empire's cities. More than in any other places a guided tour is highly reccomended, encounter a city frozen in time on a remarkable visit to Pompeii.
Though nearly a fifth of the former seaside resort has yet to be unearthed, the excavations so far have yielded one of the largest sources of information on the daily life of ancient Romans, including the upper classes and the common people.Your local expert guide will bring to life the remains of Pompeii that will include many insights into how life was in Roman Times.

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