• Meet the guide at the pier...
    Meet the guide at the pier...
  • Visit Ancient Pompeii...
    Visit Ancient Pompeii...
  • ...walk through Herculaneum
    ...walk through Herculaneum
  • Neptun and Anphitrite Mosaic
    Neptun and Anphitrite Mosaic
  • House of the Deers
    House of the Deers

Start time



7/8 hour(s)


  • Private car or Minivan
  • Chauffeur Driver
  • Licensed Tour Guide Full Day
  • Pier Pick-up & Drop off


  • Entrance Fees
  • Lunch

We will come to pick you up at the cruise terminal, meet you licensed guide and drive to Pompeii first for a two hours guided walking tour, you will begin your exploration of the mystery of the two towns were time was "frozen" and where you can see all the aspects of the roman everyday life. In the first century AD the Roman Empire had many cities, but none located in a more beautiful setting than those lining the Bay of Naples.
On August 24rd, 79 AD, Pompeii looked like any other bustling, prosperous ancient city but just three days later, on August 26th, the city fell silent and the place itself had literally vanished from the face of the earth.
Gradually grass and vines covered the land where the towns had stood and the local people eventually forgot even their names.The imagination of Europe was ignited and suddenly, the classical world was in vogue, philosophy, art, architecture, literature and even fashion drew upon the discoveries of Pompeii and Herculaneum for inspiration. 
After lunch time you will drive 30 more minutes until you the Ancient Herculaneum.
Dating back to the 4th century BC, the city was thought to have been founded by the legendary Hercules. This elite Roman resort was devastated by the same volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii in 79 AD.
Herculaneum was covered by a torrent of mud, which protected the ruins from atmospheric agents and illegal excavators. The guided walking tour of Herculaneum will take about two hours, to see the suburban Baths, the house of the Deers, the Augustales temple, the Palestra, the house of Neptun and Anphitrite, the house of the Pretty Courtyard, the house of the wooden Partition Wall, the Bicentenary house, the area of the Marina, where in 1980 archeologist found over 250 skeletons of fugitives.
After the walking tour and some free time for shopping return back to the ship.

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