• Pick up at the cruise terminal...
    Pick up at the cruise terminal...
  • Walk through Pompeii...
    Walk through Pompeii...
  • Drive up to Vesuvius...
    Drive up to Vesuvius...
  • Conquer the top !
    Conquer the top !

Start time



6/7 hour(s)


  • Private car or Minivan
  • Chauffeur Driver
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Pier Pick-up & Drop off
  • Taxes & Insurance
  • Tolls & Parkings


  • Entrance Fees
Meeting point and pick-up at the cruise ship terminal, leaving the port, you will drive south via the motorway towards the archeological site of Pompei first, possibly the most famous excavation in the world.
Entering Pompeii by one of its eight different  gates you will be guided in the Forum, Pompei's main square, the Basilica, The Large Theater, the Roman Baths, its temples and porticoes. 20,000 people lived in this provincial town, of which 2,000 perished in the horrifying eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. Twenty feet of volcanic ash and pumice stone covered Pompeii. Much of this has been removed over the last 200 years to reveal the details of everyday life in Pompeii.
There a flourishing civilization, buried for 1,700 years, has been brought to life again and where you can see how the citizens of the greatest empire the world has ever known lived and loved, worked and played, ate and drank and died.
After the guided tour of Pompeii you continue your scenic drive along the slopes of mount Vesuvius, Europe's only still-active volcano that is located on the west coast of Naples. At approximately 3,000 feet, begin your trek on foot over narrow paths that zigzag up to the mountain another 1,000 feet.
Once on the rim of the crater walls, you will skirt the edge with an official alpine guide while enjoying the panoramic views that includes Naples and its bay.
You will descend along the narrow paths to the parking lot and proceed back to the port.

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