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  • 4 x 4 Vesuvius Bus
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Vesuvius Entrance Fee
  • Volcanological Guide

Mt. Vesuvius is one of the worlds most studied volcanoes.  It has an altitude of 1281 meters and covers an area of about 480 sq. km.  The most noteworthy event in Vesuvius' history occurred in 79 AD.  That is the year that Vesuvius brought an end to the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The development of Mt. Vesuvius has been studied since Roman times.  The magma chamber of Vesuvius  lies at a depth of 5-6 km, according to current estimates.  The volcanic activity started about 10,000 years ago.  Periods of frequent eruption alternated with periods of absolute tranquility that sometimes lasted more than 2000 years.  Before the disastrous eruption of 79 AD Vesuvius had been quiet for 1200 years; only a few scientists knew that it was a volcano.  The history of this, the most famous eruption in Europe, is known through a detailed description by Pliny the Younger in two letters to Tacitus.  Since 79 AD Vesuvius has been active at irregular intervals, but has seldom remained quiet very long.  The last major eruption occurred in 1944, but activity may start up at any moment.


After the arrival in Boscoreale at the Terminal interchange. Customers will get on special ecological bus 4 x 4 low environmental impact,
(Each bus shuttle is equipped with air conditioning, microphone and has 27 comfortable seats).
Arriving a few minutes at the entrance Reserve Tirone Alto located in Via Cifelli and the beginning of nature trail which takes around 25 minutes leads to Upper Yard site at 1050 meters altitude.
Drop off of passengers and continuing on foot with Volcanological Guides up to the crater for the guided tour.

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School trips from Pompeii, school trips from Sorrento, School trips from Naples, school trips from Salerno, School trips from Amalfi, School trips Positano, School trips Capri

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Mount Vesuvius by 4x4

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