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The Path of the Gods following the tradition, goes from Bomerano to Nocelle, is the most famous hiking tour; in particular the part between Grotta Biscotto and Nocella  is extremely interesting and scenic from the beginning to the end.
Walking this trail westward you will enjoy to better views of the Amalfi Coast, all the way to its extremity, with the island of Capri on the background.
You will reach the pass of Colle Serra (580m) from Praiano or from Bomerano (630m).
Leaving Colle Serra you continue going down until you meet the lower trail at an altitude of 545m;
Following a winding route, with several ups and downs, you cross the imposing Vallone Grarelle and reach the tiny village of Nocella (440m). From here you can walk down to the Amalfi Drive at Arienzo (about 1500 steps) or continue to Montepertuso walking first along a concrete path and then an asphalt road.
From the point where the two trails meet each other the vegetation totally changes and you leave the grassy terraces (once cultivated) where you can often see goats and sheep grazing and enter an area rich with oaks, chestnuts, strawberry trees and  bushes of heather, rosemary and rock roses.

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The Path of the Gods hike 5 hours guided tour

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